City of Central Master Plan

DEAR CITIZENS OF CENTRAL                                                                                                                                                                                                           March 17, 2010

The purpose of the Master Plan is to provide us, your elected leaders, with a tool that will help us to guide the continuing growth and development of our City so that Central maintains and improves its high quality of life. The vision that dictates the final form of the Master Plan comes from you - the many Central citizens who attended well publicized and open planning meetings and workshops over the past three years and provided us with your thoughts, ideas and aspirations for your City - translated into four goals which are the guiding principles for decisions in the planning. The first goal is “To Retain the Sanctuary Feeling” by ensuring that when we grow, we grow in ways that don’t destroy the things we love about Central but make them better. The second and third goals, “To make our schools even better” and “To improve our transportation and drainage” are both things that we must continue to work on and make smart decisions about, and that are very costly. Which leads to the fourth goal, “To increase business and shopping opportunities” which as you all know provide jobs and generate the revenue that we need to provide our residents with the high level of services you deserve – including great schools, good roads, water and sewer service, and police and fi re protection.
Nobody, including me, likes paying high taxes. To avoid that, we must create the conditions that stimulate business growth. We are going to have to grow as a City. The secret is in growing in a way that satisfi es all of the above goals - not just some of them, but ALL of them. The Master Plan uses sophisticated technology, experience and commitment to translate your goals into something we can use to attract the kinds of quality growth that will enhance our lives and the lives of our children.

Can we do it? Can we continue to work together like we did when we decided to become a city - to work together, support each other, and enjoy together the fruits of this vision. With your support, help, and prayers I think we can.

Shelton “Wac” Watts, Mayor